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e m e r g e n c y   r e s u m e   s e r v i c e 

Are you unemployed? Have you been down-sized, right-sized, or greed-sized? If you're a victim of this volatile economy, you need more than a good resume to represent you. You need a great resume. You need a WriteData resume.

 Resume Development Process

  1. Call us to set up a phone interview.

  2. Email us your resume input in Word (.doc) or text (.txt) format. For sample templates, click on the resume and cover-letter icons provided below.

  3. We evaluate the information and follow-up with you through ongoing discussion.

  4. Based on your input and any additional details we reveal, we develop your resume draft and email you a preliminary copy. 

    NOTE:  Depending on your situation, you might need more than one resume to address the jobs you are pursuing. We address this during this step.

  5. Together, we go over the content and discuss any needed